Donor Profile: Alasdair Morrison


Alasdair Morrison, who was born in Scotland, has worked in Asia for 50 years, including as “Taipan” of Jardine Matheson and Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley Asia. Based in Hong Kong, Alasdair is now a private investor, as well as a farmer in Australia.

What is your connection to Focused Ultrasound Hong Kong Foundation? How did you first hear about the Foundation?
I first heard of focused ultrasound when I attended a speech by Neal Kassell, MD, chairman of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, at an event in Hong Kong. I subsequently became personally acquainted with Neal through our mutual friend Shirley Lin, who is a founding member of the Focused Ultrasound Hong Kong Foundation.

What moved you to get involved?
I was immediately struck by the innovative alternative that focused ultrasound provides to the trauma of more conventional treatments, particularly when I recently witnessed several close friends undergoing quite traumatic cancer treatments.

Why do you care about focused ultrasound?
I believe that it is important to support the Focused Ultrasound Hong Kong Foundation in researching an ever-wider universe of conditions to treat.

What impact do you hope to achieve through your philanthropy?
I am happy to support the Focused Ultrasound Hong Kong Foundation’s efforts in Asia in the hope that focused ultrasound can become a widely accepted treatment in this area.