Chongqing Haifu’s Professor Rosie Xing Visits the Foundation


Key Points

  • Professor Rosie Xing is the managing director who leads global planning and marketing and business for Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology Co., Ltd.  
  • Chongqing Haifu is a leader in the global adoption of focused ultrasound for uterine fibroids.  
  • Prof. Xing met with Foundation teams and discussed her work and ways to collaborate. 
Professor Rosie Xing and Foundation chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD
Dr. Kassell and Prof. Xing

Professor Rosie Xing is the managing director who leads global planning and marketing and business for Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in Chongqing, China. Prof. Xing recently visited the Foundation to share what her team is working on and learn more about the Foundation.  

Chongqing Haifu was established in 1999, and to date, more than 250,000 patients have been treated using its devices. The vast majority of these patients suffer from benign uterine fibroids. The company has more than 400 centers globally, including 60 centers outside of China across 30 countries. There are currently no sites in the US.  

Prof. Xing explained that the company has pursued the treatment of uterine fibroids with high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation because it is a prevalent disease that can easily be imaged by ultrasound. After more than 20 years, the company has perfected the device and the patient selection criteria to provide 90% to 95% of patients with symptom relief and long-term disease control in a single treatment.  

“One of the advantages of HIFU over other treatments for uterine fibroids is that it can preserve fertility,” said Prof. Xing “We are proud to have more than 3,000 babies born to mothers who have undergone HIFU. These babies would not have the opportunity to meet this world without our technology.” 

Outside of uterine fibroids, Chongqing Haifu has developed focused ultrasound to effectively treat adenomyosis, another common benign uterine condition that impacts fertility more significantly than the fibroids. Chongqing Haifu is currently expanding focused ultrasound to treat breast fibroadenoma as well as malignant tumors in the pancreas, liver, kidney, bone, and breast. 

During her visit, Prof. Xing spoke with many of the Foundation’s departments, from the research team to communications and those focused on commercialization. She also met with researchers from the University of Virginia, and Foundation Board member Syaru Shirley Lin, PhD

“Chongqing Haifu is one of the pioneering companies in focused ultrasound and is leading the global adoption of this revolutionary technology,” said Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “The Foundation is pleased to strengthen our relationship with Chongqing Haifu to help advance the field.”  

The Foundation also selected the founder and chairman of Chongqing Haifu, Professor Zhibiao Wang, MD, to receive the inaugural Clinical Adoption Award at the 2022 Symposium. See Prof. Wang’s Inspirational Acceptance Speech.