A New Method for Using Ultrasound Neuromodulation in Deep Regions of the Brain


Precise Ultrasound Neuromodulation in a Deep Brain Region Using Nano Gas Vesicles as Actuators

Dr. Lei Sun’s research group at Hong Kong Polytechnic University recently completed a preclinical study to improve targeting and effectiveness for low-intensity ultrasound neuromodulation of the brain. The scientists designed and tested a neurostimulation scheme for improving spatial resolution by using gas vesicles (GVs)to improve the efficacy and precision of the ultrasound. Testing revealed the treatment to be dose-dependent, repeatable, reversible, and capable of reaching the hippocampus, a deep-seated region of the brain. The group hypothesized that the effect was mediated by mechanosensitive ion channels, and the GVs did not induce significant cytotoxicity, apoptosis, or membrane poration in treated cells.

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